• Are you using WordPress and tried everything on your SEO but nothing is working?
  • Do you HATE your SEO company and they say they’re doing EVERYTHING?

At CREAMCore, we understand the pains of WordPress SEO and know how to combat the problems the other guys AREN’T ADDRESSING.

The bottom line is…

Your site’s doing poorly because the code of your theme was not written to current web standards…

— OR —

Google’s code recommendations.

You probably bought your theme from CodeCanyon or ThemeForest.


Because you liked all the slick sliders, layouts, galleries & features right?

Thing is Google, Bing & Yahoo could CARE LESS about that stuff.


Often all those slick features built by half-baked theme developers hurt your SEO.


Because of bloated code and crippling page load speeds.

Even worse.

If your site is using AJAX you’re making it even HARDER, sometimes even IMPOSSIBLE for Search Engines to crawl your site!

If that sounds scary and tough to tackle, we can make one solid promise to you…


But we’re incredibly GOOD at it.

And the other guys…

They don’t even know where to start!

So, if you’re experiencing WordPress site pains and SEO fatigue, then DO YOURSELF A FAVOR.

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